Dress Code

The Education Board, administration, faculty, and staff believe that school pride, morale, image and safety are influenced by the general appearance of our students. Thus, the ALA has adopted a dress code that requires every student to wear ALA approved attire. Community members and visitors who attend school events are requested to adhere to this policy. The ALA also complies with the Tribal Gang Ordinance Dress Code (as may be amended from time to time).

ALA Approved Dress Code

  • Clothes that reflect appropriate dress for an adult learning environment
  • Student clothing must be clean, not tattered. 
  • Attire must not denote gang affiliation through overt color or symbols.
  • Attire must not display any inappropriate messages, drug or alcohol use, and must NOT distract from the educational process.


  • Plain T-shirts that are solid red, blue (light or dark), green, purple, or brown 
  • Persons identified by administration, security, or the police as being a gang member or an affiliate of a gang may not wear any items or colors that would represent the associated gang
  • Any item that may be interpreted as gang related
  • Any item that may interfere with the educational process
  • Any item that may be interpreted as inappropriate in a school setting
  • Long, hanging chains
  • Spike jewelry
  • Immodest or revealing clothing, such as, see-through clothing and short skirts or shorts



Students found wearing prohibited colors and/or possessing prohibited items will report to the office and have those items immediately confiscated. Students will be asked to change or leave campus if the item cannot be confiscated. On the first offense, the items will be returned at the end of the day. Thereafter, parents/guardians or adult student must pick up all confiscated items within two weeks. After two weeks, these items will be disposed of at the School’s discretion. Repetitive offenses are subject to disciplinary action.



Student may call parents/guardians and request that acceptable clothing be brought to him/her. The student may place tape over, or color in, the area on clothing that is prohibited or request a “loaner” uniform that meets the dress code.

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